Time Analysis: Nice vs. Napoli

After losing the first game 2-0 to Napoli, Nice were under pressure to score and win by at least a margin of 2 goals at their home ground against Italian side SSC Napoli to advance into the Champions League group phase. From the start on however, Napoli was the better side by playing dominantly in the first half, where you could not sense a great urgency by Nice to score, they could rarely advance into Napoli’s box. Despite that, the game was pretty fluent in the first half, with only 11 minutes of interruptions in it. After the break, OGC Nice came finally to life after Napoli had scored the opening goal, but they did not have many successful approaches towards Pepe Reina’s goal. In the end it was an easy win by Napoli, who could even score a second goal in the closing phase of the match. How the interruptions were spread among the teams and which amount of time was effectively played can be seen in the following:
of 3:03 minutesstoppage time02:55 minof 90 minutesregulation time64:55 minof 93:03 minutes67:50minEffective playing time
08:5813:2002:55OGC NiceSSC NapoliRefereeTotal amount of minutes spent byteams and referee
Mario Balotelli on the ground causing an injury break,after Napoli put the ball out of play.68 secondsElseid Hysaj on the ground causing an injury break,followed by Napoli's substitution Rog for Allan.74 secondsFoul by Dante on Mertens. Discussions among bothteams and the referee followed. After that, the refereepositioned the free kick right in front of the box.78 secondsLongest interruptions
12.0s14.5sDiscussion with referee31.5s38.5sInjury break28.0s30.3sSubstitution28.3s12.5sCorner kick7.0s11.5sFree kick19.2s10.8sGoal kick7.0s5.8sThrow-inAverage amount of seconds spentper interruption type
The game was not as heated as you could expect, it had few fouls and few interruptions. The total stoppage time of three minutes was justified, since the match was very fluent. An effective playing time of nearly 68 minutes is quite a lot, since the average effective playing time in football matches is around 57 minutes. This high amount of effective playing time was surely influenced by Napoli dominating the match and not offering Nice many opportunities to score. As we could expect, Napoli was not in a hurry during the match and did not rush things, although you totally have to point out, that they did not show excessive time wasting and were not faking any injuries. They took 4 and a half minutes longer than OGC Nice to continue in interrupted situations, but these 4 and a half minutes include the celebration of two goals, which takes about 45 seconds per goal in average, which makes the amount of time we waited on Napoli to continue even smaller. As a conclusion, it was a fair matchup, which did not have as much intensity as expected. Among the matches I did a time analysis on at Footballelixir, it now stands out as the match with the highest amount of effective playing time.