Time Analysis: Chile vs. Germany

Looking at the Confederations Cup Final 2017 between Chile and Germany in retrospective, it was a rough matchup between both teams despite the game started out very fluently. From the first minute on, Chile created several chances without succeeding to score. In this period (the first 20 minutes), the game was only interrupted for a total amount of 4 and a half minutes. However, after Germany scored the opening goal in the 20th minute, the flow of play decreased with Germany defending their 1-0 lead. Chile tried to attack further on, but created fewer chances and had not the best of luck with their shots not leading to a goal. In the course of the match, fouls, discussions and the communication of the referee with the video assistant referee led to several long interruptions. How the interruptions were spread among the teams and which amount of time was effectively played can be seen in the following:
of 5:22 minutesstoppage time02:32 minof 90 minutesregulation time53:35 minof 95:22 minutes56:07minEffective playing time
13:3815:2910:08ChileGermanyRefereeTotal amount of minutes spent byteams and referee
Confrontation between Joshua Kimmich and severalChile players, Kimmich and Vidal receive a yellow card96 secondsReferee discussing with Chile coach and players abouta potential foul by Germany in the penalty area110 secondsReferee communicating with VAR after elbow hitfrom Gonzalo Jara to Timo Werner, Jara receivesa yellow card, free kick following for Germany208 secondsLongest interruptions
16.8s18.5sDiscussion with referee24.3s28sInjury break42.5s22.3sSubstitution34s19.7sCorner kick12.3s6.9sFree kick15.5s16.7sGoal kick10.2s7.3sThrow-inAverage amount of seconds spentper interruption type by each team
As seen, nearly 40 minutes of interrupted playtime show that it was a heated matchup, where both teams were eager on winning the cup. The five and half minutes of total stoppage time given in the game are fine to me, despite the fact, that the referee could have given more stoppage time in the first half. 20 seconds of stoppage time at the end of it is quite low, considering that the first half was interrupted for a total amount of 15 minutes. What I liked to see was that there was no excessive time wasting by Germany, although they were in the lead for a long time. Certainly, they took longer for substitutions and corner kicks, which we are used to see from the leading team in a competitive match, but they did not fake injuries and did not discuss endlessly with the referee. If there were duels, injuries and discussions, both teams were always involved. This game was just a hard fight. Nevertheless, what concerns me is the time consumed by the use of the VAR. I hope the use of the video assistant referee is a lot better in the next season in the Bundesliga than what we are seeing in the Confederations Cup. If you look at the time consumed because of the elbow hit of Gonzalo Jara with the referee talking to players and the VAR during a total amount of three and a half minutes, it just takes too much time away. Although I do like the VAR, the decisions need to be made quicker.