Time Analysis: Chelsea vs. Roma

On the third matchday of the 17-18 Champions League group stage, FC Chelsea and AS Roma came together in a pivotal match to decide, who will come closer to qualify for the round of the last 16. Both teams have not lost their first two matches, while Chelsea could secure a huge win on matchday 2 in Madrid against Atl├ętico, who are right now at the third spot of the table with only two points after three matches. Considering Atl├ętico’s performance so far, both Chelsea and Roma could probably live with a draw. Going into the match, Roma started dominantly and looked like the better side. However, it was Chelsea who scored the first two goals. In the further course of the match, Roma had a huge comeback scoring 3 goals from the 40th to the 70th minute, where they could take the lead. Chelsea came back though and scored the equalizing goal in the 75th minute to make it 3-3, which was the final result of the match. Aside from the goals, the game had a lot of interruptions, mostly throw-ins and goal kicks. How the interruptions were spread among the teams and which amount of time was effectively played can be seen in the following:
of 5:06 minutesstoppage time02:40 minof 90 minutesregulation time55:44 minof 95:06 minutes58:24minEffective playing time
15:3818:0602:58FC ChelseaAS RomaRefereeTotal amount of minutes spent byteams and referee
Goal celebration Edin Dzeko after he scored theequalizing goal (2-2)82 secondsBoth Fazio and Pedro down injured on the pitchafter a collision.84 secondsDavid Luiz is injured on the pitch, medical stuffinvestigates his injury. He has to leave the pitch.84 secondsLongest interruptions
59.0s43.0sGoal celebration42.0s57.5sInjury break32.3s40.3sSubstitution24.0s14.0sCorner kick8.3s11.0sFree kick16.6s14.2sGoal kick12.1s9.3sThrow-inAverage amount of seconds spenton interruption type
What started out as a game often interrupted by a huge amount of throw-in situations became much more fluent from the 25th minute on. The game was interrupted for 16:09 minutes in the first half, therefore a stoppage time of just one minute in the first half seems a bit low, especially because the referee awarded a stoppage time of 4 minutes for the second half, which was interrupted for 19:10 minutes. In comparison, the amount of stoppage time given in each half seems a bit unbalanced. What stood out for me is that the game was really fair, there were no bad fouls or discussions among players with the referee. The distribution of minutes among interruptions caused by each team is quite even. The total time spent by Roma is a bit higher than Chelsea, but they also had more situations, where they had to continue after the game was interrupted. The six goals scored lengthened the interruption total, it took a bit more than 5 minutes to continue with the respective kick-off.