Solar Bankers in Dubai

Solar Bankers Dubai
Solar Bankers in Dubai
Solar Bankers’ flagship product DPV (deflecting photovoltaic) tackles different inefficiencies of regular photovoltaic devices. Not only does it offer a higher energy production output than regular solar devices while keeping production costs low, it also has a proven durability of over 25 years.1 The innovative approaches behind this technology have led to Solar Bankers’ selection as one of only 3 companies to partner with the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) in the 2017 cycle of Dubai Future Accelerators,2 a program that uses the city of Dubai as a testbed to develop solutions for local and global challenges.3 Therefore, the company has made an agreement with the DEWA to test Solar Bankers’ devices in a high-temperature environment.4

These tests have started in 2018. In the first half of the year, Solar Bankers tested in how far the performance of regular solar devices can be increased by mounting them on top of an azimuthal tracking system. This tracking system, which is capable to perform 360 degrees rotation as well as 12 different inclinations, is following the sunlight throughout the day to ensure, that the solar devices mounted on top of it are exposed to the sun light in the best possible angle.5 The results of these tests have shown a 46% increase in energy production compared to fixed systems.6 From August on, the performance of Solar Bankers’ own solar devices will be tested, after prototypes of the devices have been manufactured in Lithuania.7,8

Infographic about the partnership
To further outline Solar Bankers’ pilot project in Dubai, I designed an infographic in a poster format about the partnership, that displays its core elements:
I also made a downloadable version of the poster displayed in this article, which you are more than welcome to share or print, to spread the word about Solar Bankers. Download it here:

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“Solar Bankers’ Holographic Module, also referred to as Deflecting Photovoltaic (DPV), is a solar panel designed for high temperature environments that enables higher performance at a lower cost when compared with standard solar modules. … Solar Bankers’ module is up to 30% more efficient than standard panels at high temperatures; Solar Bankers’ DPV module uses only 25% of the silicon used in standard panels (silicon is the most expensive components in solar modules); Solar Bankers’ module is tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and has a proven durability of over 25 years; Solar Bankers’ module implements a highly hydrophobic film that renders its front surface self-cleaning and thus significantly reduces dust/sand deposition, which usually incurs high maintenance costs.”
Solar Bankers; Official Website; Devices; 15.08.2018
“In April of this year, Solar Bankers was awarded a contract with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) for a pilot project to test its core technology. It is one of only three companies selected by DEWA from the 2017 cycle of the Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) for a partnership that seeks to “provide innovation to transform the utility company’s business model.” Solar Bankers had previously gained admission to this year’s cycle of the DFA – the world’s largest government-backed accelerator program for developers of emergent technologies – and spent 9 weeks in February and March working closely with technology startups from all around the world.”
Solar Bankers; Official Blog; Solar Bankers signs contract with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority; 07.08.2018
“Dubai Future Accelerators is an intensive 9-week program forward-thinking public and private sector organizations and start-ups using the city of Dubai as a living testbed to co-create solutions for global and local challenges of tomorrow.”
Dubai Future Accelerators; Official Website; Dubai Future Accelerators Program; 29.09.2018
“Solar Bankers is delivering its hologram-based solar concentrator module to DEWA for performance testing in a high-temperature environment. In April, Solar Bankers was selected to participate in the Dubai Future Accelerators program ( and spent 9 weeks working closely with other developers of emergent technologies from around the globe. At the end of the program, Solar Bankers signed a contract with DEWA for a test pilot in Dubai. In addition to Solar Bankers’ patented refractive foil, the modules to be tested with DEWA feature a smart tracking system which makes use of a circular pivot to minimize the amount of moving elements required for adjusting module positions. This has particular benefits in desert environments, where dust and sand dispersed in the air quickly accumulate in the joints between moving parts and thus substantially reduce the durability of the tracking system. Solar Bankers is partnering with Mulk Holdings for the integration of the smart tracking system in its panel design.”
Solar Bankers; Official Blog; Solar Bankers kicks off its pilot project with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority; 07.08.2017
“Azimuthal tracking system, 360 degrees rotation to follow the sun throughout the day and 12 different inclinations to adapt to seasonal changes … In addition, the tracking system has no exposed mechanical parts. This is done to avoid that sand particles get inside and damage the system”
Solar Bankers; Telegram; Channel: Solar Bankers (SLB); 04.05.2018
“The project in Dubai reached an important milestone. The holographic modules will be shipped next week and test will start. In the meanwhile, we tested the azimuthal tracker with standard solar panels. The results were outstanding. Compared to a fixed system, the modules mounted on our tracker produced 46% more energy!”
Solar Bankers; Telegram; Channel: Solar Bankers (SLB); 28.07.2018
“The team is traveling today to Vilnius, Lithuania, to verify in person the status of the development of the modules that will be installed in Dubai”
Solar Bankers; Telegram; Channel: Solar Bankers (SLB); 18.04.2018
“Update from the Dubai project: the solar modules arrived in the Emirates and installation will start in the coming days.”
Solar Bankers; Telegram; Channel: Solar Bankers (SLB); 06.08.2018