Skycoin Ecosystem

Skycoin Ecosystem
Coin HoursFastFeesSkycoinis a next generationcryptocurrency.
AppsSkywireTransactionsIts parallel currencyCoin Hourshas different use cases:
Skycoin is buildingSkywire,a new internet.InternetSkywire
CustomizableBlockchainProviderExchangeListingSkycoin offers a blockchain platformFiber,that can be used by other applications.
Social MediaGamesMessengerSome of theseApplicationsaredeveloped by Skycoin itself.
AntennasSkyminerWalletThe backbone of this ecosystem is dedicatedHardware, produced by the Skycoin project.
PlatformCurrencyNew InternetAs a summary, Skycoin is an independentecosystem of next generation applications.