Interview – Skyguy

I am happy to have Skyguy here, who is the founder of! Hello and thanks for doing this interview! So, first of all, can you tell us a bit about your background and what you have been doing before you got into Skycoin?
I am happy to have Skyguy here, who is the founder of! Hello and thanks for doing this interview!
Hi Chris. Thanks for the interview and the amazing work you’ve done for the SKY community. Your infographics are professional and extremely helpful for all newcomers to the Skycoin project!

Thanks so much! So, first of all, can you tell us a bit about your background and what you have been doing before you got into Skycoin?
My background is in the financial markets. I assist electronic traders by connecting them to counterparts and exchanges around the world. I love technology and often use Google to research and advance my understanding of new gadgets, tech and IOT. Working in the financial markets put me off electronic trading until a new joiner introduced us to the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies. I spent some time researching blockchain technology and bought a small amount of bitcoin (+-$200). I didn’t like the idea of owning a small percentage of a whole coin so started researching the alt currencies. NEO was my next purchase before I stumbled upon a youtube video by Keith Wareing. In his video, Keith explained why he thought Skycoin was a sleeping giant. I then watched a Synth interview and was really impressed with his knowledge of blockchain and the world in general. I immediately sold all my NEO and bought into Skycoin.

We all know you as the creator of Skywug. Why did you create the forum and what was the creation process like?
After investing in Skycoin, I joined the Telegram chat (about 1500 members then) and started asking some questions about the Skywire project. I’m actively involved in a local Wireless User Group so was very interested in what Skywire was trying to achieve. A telegram user, Qholloi, noticed that I was based in South Africa and sent me a direct message about the project. He suggested we start a forum to assist the growing community. I got to work and two days later was born.

How is the forum doing since its inception? Do you have statistics about the usage? Which topics are mostly talked about right now?
Creating a forum is easy, getting members to join is the real challenge. The Field of Dreams movie helped “If you build it, they will come”, so I spent the next few weeks adding content from all the available sources. A lot of it was copy/paste from the original website. I then created a few HowTo guides and referenced them in the Telegram channels. The feedback was great and people started joining as more and more content was added. We currently have 277 threads, 1881 posts, and 937 registered members. The most talked about topics are Skywire and DIY mining setups.

Which topics would you like to see being covered on Skywug in the future? Which aspects of the forum would you like to improve?
I would like to see more wireless community topics being discussed. There are numerous groups in the different countries but they are not very active currently due to mainnet being in test phase. Once live, I imagine there will be a lot more active community discussions.

You are also working on something related to the meshnet, which is not public yet. Can you give us some insights on that?
I’m currently testing a web-based tool that will help communities build and manage their private wireless networks. IP address allocation, node / access point plotting, line of sight checks, and google earth views of terrain, etc. will be available with this tool. Anyone wanting to join a local mesh network will be able to scan their local area and locate an access point that is free from any obstructions (walls, trees, buildings, etc). The tool I’m working on interfaces directly with the skywug forum. Release date to be confirmed. Some test users have concerns about the limited security features which I’m hoping to improve.

It’s amazing to see the meshnet already being worked on, even though the testnet just launched! Thank you also for the great work with! I am convinced that the community will grow once the meshnet is live.