Skycoin Second Generation Infographics

Ecosystem 03
The Skycoin team stated recently, that there is a lack of infographics floating around, so I decided to create some! This infographic therefore represents the first one in a series of new infographics about Skycoin, although it is already the third one I created about the Skycoin ecosystem. It divides the project in four different parts. Skycoin (the currency), Fiber (the platform), Skywire (the new internet) and Skycoin (the ecosystem). Three icons were assigned to each of the different parts. The currency Skycoin was associated with zero fees, Coin Hours and the hardware wallet. The platform Fiber is described by the blockchain (blockchain provider), custom (customizable) and 300+ TPS (transactions per second). The three icons assigned to Skywire are nodes, privacy and antennas. In addition to these three core parts I also wanted to outline, that Skycoin is not only a platform, but also develops applications. That’s why I assigned the three icons exchange, apps and games to the ecosystem Skycoin:
In my opinion, the result is visually appealing. All elements are in-line and the color scheme is consistent. Overall speaking, it has a great modern design and shows all relevant aspects of the project in a compact manner, which makes it my favorite infographic this far.

Ecosystem 04
I created a new infographic about Skycoin! This time, I experimented with displaying the different parts of the project in a circle. I divided the project in three core parts, where each of them was assigned one third of the space in the circle. The circle itself contains different layers. The white Skycoin logo on a blue background in the middle is the first layer. It is surrounded by a second layer, that contains images for the three parts Skycoin, Skywire and Fiber on a grey background. To outline, which part of the project is displayed in each part of the picture, I included a third layer with a description of the different parts. The fourth layer is on the outside. It contains several icons associated with the different parts of the project. Whereas I considered specific icons more important than others, I made them bigger. I also differentiated the colors per project. Icons describing Skywire are white on a darker blue background, icons associated with Fiber are in a dark blue on a lighter blue background and icons displaying Skycoin are held in blue on a grey background. Check it out:
The above displayed infographic is multifaceted, yet easy to overview. Its three parts can be identified immediately because of clearly distinguishable colors. The three transparent icons in the middle add some style to the infographic. In general, the colors in the graphic range from black and white in the middle to a variety of colors on the outer layer. In opposite to that, the Skycoin logo is placed on a colorful blue background in the middle, which makes it the focal point of the picture.

Ecosystem 05
My newest infographic about Skycoin has a different look than the previous ones. I placed different types of displays in the middle of the picture, going from a smartphone and a tablet to a notebook alongside a big screen. The notebook shows the Skycoin logo on a blue background, while the other displays (except the smartphone) extend the picture on the notebook. The displays are surrounded by different icons. On the right side, you can find the icons associated with Skycoin and Skycoin Fiber. They are not placed seperately, because Fiber tokens use the same technology as Skycoin and therefore share some of the same functions. In the upper left corner, you can see icons associated with Skywire. All icons that are not directly associated with Skycoin were placed in the lower left corner of the picture. Check it out:
This infographic is more diverse than the previous ones. The infographics I posted before had a clear structure and everything was aligned, while I tried a more ‘chaotic’ design approach this time. To my eyes, it makes the picture look more interesting and it is a type of graphic I haven’t seen used for Skycoin so far.