Skycoin First Generation Infographics

Ecosystem 01
The scope of the Skycoin project is enormous. The team behind it aims to develop an ecosystem of hardware, platforms and applications. Their motivation is to find applications, that are popular among consumers and also to identify use cases for blockchain. However, in a market where most cryptocurrency projects focus on the development of just one application, Skycoin can seem overwhelming to newcomers, who just found out about the project. Moreover, it is hard to grasp all the different parts of the project and the connections between them. This is why I decided to develop graphics, that show the complete scope of the Skycoin project.

Three different parts
Keeping it simple, the first graphic only contains the, in my opinion, three most important parts of the project. The starting piece is Skycoin, the cryptocurrency. By the way, it can be a bit confusing that Skycoin is the name of the cryptocurrency as well as the name of the project. That is why I wrote Skycoin in capital letters in the graphic. Alongside the cryptocurrency, the two other parts are the blockchain platform Fiber, that can be used as an underlying layer by applications and the independent mesh network Skywire, which is basically a new internet. Here we go:
Going into detail
While these three parts are pivotal, the graphic itself is not self-explanatory. People new to the project will not know what Fiber is, or what the features of Skycoin as a cryptocurrency are. That is why I went more into detail with the second graphic. I added two attributes to the three core parts of the project, to underline what their purpose is. I also made the background of Skycoin softer, so that its edges are not as rough as in the first picture. You can see it below:
However, some fine-tuning could still be done. First of all, I further modified the blue background of Skycoin and gave it the same shape as the Skycoin logo, which makes the picture look way more interesting. With the resulting additional space of that action, I added Coin Hours as a feature to Skycoin. Speaking about Skywire and Fiber, I placed both in the corners of their respective areas and inserted lines to outline the connection between them and their corresponding attributes. Take a look:
SkywireOpenAnonymousAppsFiberICOCoin HoursFastFees0SKYCOIN
In addition to these these infographics I also created a poster, that divides the Skycoin ecosystem in the three parts Skycoin, Fiber and Skywire. The poster was shown (among others) on the Blockchance 2018 conference, that took place in Hamburg, Germany.
Skycoin poster about the three parts of Skycoin
Ecosystem 02
This approach to visualize the Skycoin ecosystem is different to the first infographic I created about Skycoin’s ecosystem. Instead of visualizing only the three core parts of the project, I wanted to include all important aspects of Skycoin. Therefore, I placed the Skycoin logo in the middle and identfied seven core parts of the project with Skycoin, Coin Hours, Skywire, CX, Fiber, Applications and Hardware. I placed these seven parts in an ellipse around the logo and labeled them with their functions:
LanguageCXPlatformCurrencyAppsHardwareCoin HoursInternetSKYCOIN
This graphic is a nice alternative to the first infographic. I decided to rather include the functions of the different parts of the project than the names of it (e.g. Platform instead of Fiber), to display the overall scope of the project for people new to the project. It shows, that Skycoin really is an ecosystem consisting of several elements.

I also made downloadable versions of the infographic displayed in this article, which you are more than welcome to share, to spread the word about Skycoin. Download them here:

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Download – Ecosystem 02
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