Skycoin is an independent ecosystem of next generation applications, that has been in development since 2013. Its core is a currency, whose transfers are fast, scalable and require zero fees. Each of the currencies’ units produce a parallel currency called Coin Hours, that reward users for holding and will have several use cases in the future. The foundation of the currency can be used by other coins as well: With Fiber, the ecosystem offers each incoming project an own private blockchain, that is fully customizable and can process a minimum of 300 transactions per second in addition to the currencies’ core features. Alongside Fiber, another part of the ecosystem is Skywire. Skywire is a decentralized internet in the form of a mesh-network, that aims to solve the flaws of the infrastructure of the current internet. It features new base protocols to increase the efficiency of routing, ensures privacy with an end-to-end encryption and will diminish centralized censorship. Skywire runs on its own dedicated hardware, which is in-house produced. This production includes customized multiple node miners as well as antennas. Another part of the ecosystem is their own programming language CX, which is not limited to smart contracts and can be used to develop all parts of an application. Other parts of the ecosystem include upcoming features like enhanced privacy through CoinJoin, the own hardware wallet or a new consensus algorithm called Obelisk. Additionally, there are already third party applications in place, which use Skycoin’s infrastructure such as Solar Bankers or MDL. Preview of Skycoin overview section