Marek Hamsik

What a season so far by Napoli! They have won the first 8 matches in Serie A and stand on top of the table. Outstanding for Napoli is its offensive power. Mertens, Insigne and Callejon have already a combined total of 20 goals in this season. However, their play is orchestrated by Napoli’s captain Marek Hamsik and ahead of tonight’s match between Manchester City and Napoli, I have portrayed his strengths. Have a look at his detailed player rating:
Player Rating Marek Hamsik88ExpectedGoalsExpectedGoalsPassingPassingPossessionControlPossessionControlDefenseDefenseMatchPracticeMatchPractice
All-around talent
His rating of 88 makes him one of the best players in the world. If you look at the distribution of strengths in the graphic above, it becomes obvious, that he is an all-around player. Scoring, passing, defending, the man does it all. First of all, his expected goals are quite high for a central midfielder. He has about 0.2 per 90 minutes, meaning he will score a goal every 5 games on average. He also shows elite passing skills, 2.3 key passes per game show, how well he puts his teammates in position. With about 86 passes per game, he is the focal point in Napoli’s offense. His decision making is very good as well, in relation to his passes and shots, he loses possession quite rarely. Moreover, he is not only providing Napoli with offense, 1.6 successful tackles, 0.7 interceptions and 1.3 blocks per 90 minutes document his defensive contribution. Marek Hamsik is an all-around player. Adding to these per-90 stats, Hamsik is very reliable. In each of his last three seasons, he played more than 4000 minutes for Napoli and the Slovakian national team, which equal 45 matches per season over the full 90 minutes. His reliability is very important, not only does Napoli have an amazingly skilled player with Hamsik, he also performs on a high level in the majority of the club’s matches in a season.

Looking at his development over the last four seasons, how did he perform if you consider only his statistics reached in the respective season?
8090898699908070605013-1414-1515-1616-17Season Rating
While Hamsik is listed only at 80 in season 13-14, which was by the way the last season where he missed one and a half months of action due to an injury, he established a high rating around 90 from season 14-15 on. His most constant statistic over the four seasons is possession control, Hamsik makes good decisions with the ball and plays a pass or shoots on goal in the vast majority of situations instead of losing possession. His passing is consistent as well, while seasons 14-15 and 15-16 were slightly better than 13-14 and 16-17. Concerning expected goals his level seems to be at 0.2 XG per 90 minutes, although his outstanding season was 14-15 with 0.3 expected goals per 90 minutes. His defensive contribution increased over the four seasons, which might be a cause of him playing a little deeper from 15-16 on, than he did in 13-14 and 14-15. Adding to that, his reliability is outstanding, Hamsik played a high amount of minutes in nearly every match Napoli and Slovakia played in the last few years.

Being 30 years old, Marek Hamsik is not only the captain of Napoli, he is their most constant player over the last years. He provided Napoli over the last four seasons in Serie A, Champions League and Europa League with 32 expected goals and 364 key passes, resulting in 40 goals and 44 assists. While he makes good decisions on offense, he contributes defensively as well. While on average 2-3 players leave a football match with minor to major injuries, his reliability is outstanding, seeing him play over 4000 minutes in each of the last three seasons. To sum it up, Marek Hamsik is probably the most high-level all-around player you can get, because he delivers in nearly every area of a football match.