COB Token

COB Token Introduction to the COB Token by Christian Ott
In September and October 2017 Taiwan-based company Cobinhood held an ICO to crowdfund their exchange.1,2 Alongside many features such as margin trading, fiat deposits and withdrawals as well as advanced security measures, their unique selling proposition was to build an exchange without trading fees for regular (non-margin) trades. Investors in the ICO received the COB token in exchange for their investment, which has been one of the most traded assets on their platform ever since. As an exchange token, COB has several utilities, which I will portray in this article.

COB Token Basics
Let us start with the basics. The COB token has a total supply of 1 billion, of which 367 million COB are currently in circulation.3 According to CoinMarketCap, the market cap of the COB token has been hovering around 10-30 million USD for the past four months, after it went up to an all-time high of 520 million US Dollars on January 10. Being an ERC-20 token, it is based on Ethereum. Since Cobinhood wants to evolve from a centralized to a decentralized exchange4 the COB token will be bridged onto a block lattice via an interchain protocol in the future,5 that is currently developed by the DEXON foundation.6
As a COB token holder you are eligible to receive two types of airdrops on the platform. The first option available is called ‘Airdrop-Lite’. Some tokens that get listed on Cobinhood exchange agree to airdrop a percentage of their supply to COB token holders. The amount of airdropped tokens depends on whether you have over 10k, over 30k or over 50k COB in your account. The distribution is based on the “first come first serve” principle, meaning you have to be quick to claim your airdropped tokens, since there are only limited spots available. Cobinhood exchange already airdropped 11 different tokens to COB token holders (Lympo, LALA World, Dent, SyncFab, Playcoin, FuzeX, Achain, Hoqu, Universa, Bitcomo, Luna).7 The US Dollar equivalent of the amount distributed varied, but has once even been up to 100 US Dollars per token holder that claimed the airdrop.

The second type of airdrops on Cobinhood are airdrops of their underwritten ICOs.8,9 Cobinhood has already held one successful ICO for Cybermiles, where they raised 84,146 ETH.10 After the ICO from January 5 onwards, Cobinhood token holders were eligible to redeem 1 COB for an amount of CMT tokens, that rose proportional to the amount of COB held by an individual. Per every 500 COB you held on Cobinhood exchange on January 5th, 2018 (at 00:00 UTC+0), you were eligible to receive 23.25 CMT, which equals a percentage of 4.6% CMT per COB. I would estimate, that 10 million CMT were distributed in that airdrop, which would be 1% of CMT’s total supply and was around 4 million US Dollars at the start of the airdrop.11
By holding COB tokens on Cobinhood exchange token holders can also enjoy features of the platform for a discounted price. The most prominent feature in this regard is margin trading. While regular trades cost 0 fees on Cobinhood exchange, margin trades will cost a fee once the functionality is publicly available. This fee can be reduced by 50%, if it is paid with COB tokens.12 The same applies to fees paid for withdrawals. If they are paid with COB, they are reduced by 50%.13 Concerning ICOs underwritten by Cobinhood exchange, there is also a discount available, since COB token holders can acquire the issued tokens for a lower price.14
Other benefits
Besides airdrops and discounts, holding the COB token offers other benefits. The newest introduced benefit are COB points, that reward token holders for holding COB. With COB points, users will be able to redeem special privileges within the Cobinhood ecosystem. What these benefits are is currently discussed by the team.15 Apart from that, four other benefits exist and are already operational. First of all, the COB token serves as a trading pair for Cobinhood’s underwritten ICOs, thus increasing COB’s liquidity.16 Second, withdrawal fees paid with COB tokens are burned quarterly, which reduces COB’s total supply.17 Third, users can only participate in trading contests, if they hold COB.18 Fourth, by holding COB you could participate in votings to list coins on the platform.19 These votings have stopped in January and have been replaced by “instant listing”, which is a feature that allows individuals to vote with COB tokens for the listing of an ERC-20 token.20 Once the required hard cap for listing is reached, the project gets listed within 7 days.21
In this article we discussed the benefits provided by the COB token. By holding COB, individuals are eligible for airdrops of listed tokens and underwritten ICOs, although a minimum amount of COB needs to be held to participate in these events. By paying margin trading fees and withdrawal fees with COB, one can receive a 50% discount on these fees. COB also enables token holders to acquire tokens issued in ICOs underwritten by Cobinhood for a reduced price. Other benefits of the COB token include participation in trading contests and listing votings as well as a quarterly burn of withdrawal fees and using COB as a trading pair for underwritten ICOs. The most recent feature introduced are COB points, that will reward holders as part of a loyalty program.

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January 05 was the latest date, where you had to deposit COB tokens to Cobinhood exchange to be included in the snapshot for the CMT airdrop. According to CoinMarketCap, the circulating supply of Cobinhood was 344 million on January 05, 2018. According to the COB/CMT calculator, 344 million COB would have given you 16 million CMT tokens. Since every investor couldn’t redeem his/her first 500 COB for CMT and not every investor will have deposited their COB tokens to Cobinhood exchange or will have redeemed 1 COB for CMT tokens and US residents couldn’t participate in the airdrop, I think the amount is way lower than 16 million CMT tokens. Let’s assume that 10 million CMT were exchanged as bonus for COB token holders (although I think this number is still too high). This would be 1% of CMT’s total supply.
Christian Ott; concluding from data on CoinMarketCap and the Cobinhood Medium; 23.07.2018
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Sources – Other benefits
“COB Points is a loyalty program exclusive for COB supporters. It can be used to redeem special privileges in the Cobinhood ecosystem. In short: The more COB you own and the longer you continue to hold it, the more COB points you earn and the more privileges you’ll receive.”
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“While this is already a requirement for some trading contests we have launched, moving forward, every kind of trading contest we will launch will require participants to have some COB holdings in their account, or they will not be able to participate in this big-reward trading contests. Each trading mission might have different contest criteria (net deposit volume, net trading volume, etc.), but having COB tokens on your COBX account will remain a constant factor in consideration for who will win these contests. The current “COB Factor” system will also be tweaked to make the COB token more beneficial for participants who join these trading contests.”
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“From the 25th (00:00 UTC+0) to the 27th December 23:59 (UTC+0), we allowed users to vote for their favorite tokens so it can be listed on the COBINHOOD Exchange platform for free in an event called COBINHOOD Express (short-period voting).”
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“We don’t have votings of that manner anymore, stopped in January. The new version is called “Instant listing” in which a token may apply for consideration and/or be nominated by the community, then voted for (votes are paid in COB – meet the hard cap and you’re listed in 7 days). Cobinhood. Currently in Beta phase.”
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