SmartContracts10,000+TPSUnbiasedRandomnessDEXONis a highly scalableblockchain platform.
This high scalability is achieved throughDEXON'sblock latticeinfrastructure.
Fungible TokensNon-Fungible TokensCryptocurrencies from other platformscan be moved in and out of DEXONthrough cross-chain solutionTELEPORT.DRC-20DRC-721
KnowyGamesiticket2goSeveralDAppsare built on DEXON andwill be available on DEXON's DApp Store.
PlatformFeesDEXON has a close partnership withzero-fee exchangeCOBINHOOD.IEO
10K+ TPSBlock LatticeExchangeAs a summary,DEXONis an all-in-oneinfrastructure for tokens and applications.