Footballelixir – Logo

Designing a logo for your website is crucial. It represents your content and will therefore be seen on social media and other sites referencing you. Even though you are free on how it shall look like, there are certain cornerstones to obey. First, your logo needs to be unique and recognizable. You want people to associate your logo immediately with your content. Having a logo that describes your brand name helps a lot in these regards. It also determines the colors of your theme by being the focal point of your website. Having such a lot of value, I want to take you through the different stages of creating the logo of Footballelixir.

The beginning
Let us start with how the brand name emerged. During a long and tough process of finding the name, I found a nice analogy to the consumption of an elixir. As an elixir consists of the best possible ingredients and has a healing function for consumers, it serves well as a metaphor to my target of presenting you the best possible influence factors on success in football summarized in the Footballelixir which after consumption will broaden your expertise on the world’s most popular sport. Thus, as a first approach of finding a logo for Footballelixir, I looked at pictures of typical elixir bottles. There were quite a lot, coming in different sizes, styles and appearances, but most of them had a core in the form of a sphere and a long bottleneck in a triangle-shape.
Shape of the logo
However, it was difficult to combine a triangle-shaped elixir with a football. At first I thought about a shape in the form of an elixir bottle similar to the one shown in the picture above and putting a football as a cover on top of it. Still, a football as the cover of an elixir would have meant a very small football and I did not like the thought, that elixir and football were separated in the logo. Fortunately, I came up with the idea to design the core of the elixir as a sphere with the advantage to print the pattern of a football on it. In the attached graphic, you can see the very first design of this approach, which I actually liked really much. Nevertheless, a lot of work had to be done, but this design approach is still used in the final logo.
Going back to the 30s
In the early phase of creating the website, I experimented with different styles for the theme. Being a fan of the comics by Carl Barks in my childhood and inspired by the upcoming video game Cuphead (which looks simply amazing) I considered a vintage design in the style of 1930s cartoons. The thoughts on this approach were actually quite advanced. As you can see, I already designed a vintage logo, which has also been improved compared to the one shown before. I reduced the length of the bottleneck, lessened the cover of the elixir and drew lines to connect the patches of the football printed on the elixir bottle. This made it look more like a football. However, the 30s cartoon design approach was very restrictive, leaving me with only a few colors to choose from.
Elegant casino design
Accordingly, the 30s design was discarded and I tried to come up with a modern design, although the 30s design left me with a lot of ideas for the designing of vintage fonts. I then constructed a logo that looked very noble and elegant as you can see in the attached graphic. It had a dark red background, a white-to-transparent glass with a golden football printed on it while the liquid in the elixir bottle was black. It reminded me of the style of an elegant casino and looked great, but after all the colors were quite dominant and as the logo is the focal point of the theme, it was hard to combine certain other colors to it.
Monochromatic design
Facing the challenge, to have a logo (and therefore a design) which allows you to combine as many colors to it as possible, the decision was to construct a monochromatic design. I kept the foundation of the before-mentioned casino logo, but designed the bottle cap a bit more interesting. A redesign of the liquid in the bottle was made as well, now consisting of several thin lines. Additionally, I decided to design the logo as a vector graphic to make it scalable without any losses in regards to the quality of the logo. With that done, it was easy to use the logo in different fashions. The main design, as you can see below, consists of a dark gold and a dark background. It is used on the front page and as a profile picture on the social media accounts. Alternating designs with different colored backgrounds are used in the presentation of article titles.
As a conclusion, designing the logo of Footballelixir was challenging. With different decisions on the designs of the theme being made, the logo changed as well. Despite the designs considered before being quite unique and interesting, the final logo is the best choice in regards of flexibility and style. A logo consisting of variations of just one color makes it combinable to many other objects. It is easier to replace that color as well to use the logo in different fashions. Designing the logo as a vector graphic has been a game-changer, making the logo sharper and scalable and decreasing the file size dramatically. At last, the logo fulfills all requirements mentioned at the beginning, being unique, recognizable, self-describing and fitting into the design of Footballelixir.