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SeveralPartnersMicroTransactionsEmergingMarketsBOLTis a mobile centeredentertainment platform.
NewsSportsEducationThe platform is mainly focused onvideo contentcovering different sectors:
in Q1 2019Monthly Active Users1,379,603BOLT already has a largeuserbasearound the world:
DiscountedFeaturesPremiumAccessPaymentson DemandBOLT'stokenhas severaluse cases in their application:
Future TokenTradingFuture TokenSmart ContractsCurrentTokenERC-20ZRC-20BEP-2The token utilizes differentplatformsfor trading and smart contracts
(net profit of 558k USD in Q1)BOLT burnt in Q1 20195,000,000In each quarter, the BOLT team will use 20%of their profits tobuy backand burn tokens.
1 MillionUsersTokenUse CasesSeveralPartnersAs a summary,BOLTis an already operationalentertainment platform with various features:1M+