Parallel blockchains, decentralized consensus algorithm or multi protocol label switching: While these terms might cause nerdgasms among tech-interested people, they might be very boring for everybody else. Let’s face it: Not only the tech behind a cryptocurrency will decide if it becomes popular, the marketing plays an important role as well. So we wanted to put all the technical stuff aside and had the idea to develop something, that makes Skycoin relatable. Something that adds a personality to the project, entertains consumers and generally adds lots of fun. And what would suit better for this task than a mascot that represents Skycoin?

The most obvious idea for a Skycoin mascot was to design it in the shape of a kitty. Cats are popular and Skycoin is developing KittyCash, which is a next generation blockchain game, so a great looking kitty would be a perfect fit. Another idea involved a fantasy character in the form of the Skycoin logo. Therefore we took the shape of the logo and drew a nice looking face as well as arms and legs onto it. However, that idea was not as great looking as the kitty, so we decided to go with idea number one. Rough sketches of both ideas can be seen here:
That rough sketch of the kitty was the birth of Skylo, our vision of a Skycoin mascot. Since Skylo is representing the most ambitious cryptocurrency project, his facial expression had to be proud and self-confident. Furthermore, Skylo is of course not looking like a regular kitty, he is a serious businessman, since Skycoin is an uprising business with serious technology. Introducing him a little closer, Skylo is a young dude, whose main interest is Skycoin, since he sees the flaws of most cryptocurrency projects and the current internet and wants to be a part of the Skycoin revolution. So without further ado, let me show you two sketches of the process of creating Skylo as well as the final result:
It was about time for a Skycoin mascot. If used correctly, a mascot could add a personality and fun to the project and make it more relatable. And look at this bad boy! Our man Skylo looks really good and you can see his contagious confidence about Skycoin’s bright future in his eyes. Skylo is here to stay and we are pretty confident, that we will see him more often in the future.