Artworks – Samos Logo

Recently, the team behind the Skycoin based Fiber token SPO split up into two projects due to different visions.1 Only a few of them stayed with SPO, while most of the former team members founded a new Fiber token Samos.2 Samos was first presented at the Skycoin conference in Shanghai on the 10th of April in 2018.3 Due to Samos being relatively new, it seems like they haven’t developed a logo yet. Since I had some ideas how a logo of the project could look like, I am going to present you two logo designs for Samos in the following.

Logo Design #1
To show appreciation for philosophy and mathematics, the project was named after the birthplace of Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who was born on the Greek island Samos.4 In regard to that, the logo should contain some connection to mathematics or philosophy. I came up with a mixture of Samos’ first letter S and the mathematical constant π (Pi). First, I took a normal S and deleted its upper part. Then, I sharpened its two ends and made the curve thicker. For the upper part, I wanted to use something similar to the upper part of π, which is basically a straight line, that on the left side gets thinner and is slightly falling. I modified it to the extent, that the upper part of the logo is not a straight line, but more a curve, that gets thicker going from left to right. Take a look:
Logo Design #2
Logo design number two is based on a completely different idea. The name Samos resembles the latin word “Semen” or the German word “Samen”, which both mean seed. You can create a nice analogy between a seed and Samos. In botanics, a seed is the initial part of plants or trees. Only after a seed is put in soil, a plant can grow from it. So, how is that related to Samos? Samos will provide a set of services, which will empower applications and users to kick off certain projects, which is kind of a similar role that a seed has in botanics. Speaking about the logo design, I chose a graphic of a plant, that is releasing a seed. The logo shows three different stems, that have three petals on top. I chose the number three, because Samos is dividing its protocol into three different layers, namely ‘Protocol Layer’, ‘Service Layer’ and ‘Application Layer’.5 The plant in the logo releases a seed, that is hovering above the petals. You can see the logo directly below:
I came up with two ideas for the design of a Samos logo. The first one was a mixture of the letter S and the mathematical constant π with some modifications to make the logo look sharp. The second logo derives from the resemblance of the word Samos to the German word Samen, and shows a plant, that is releasing a seed. Both logos are held in the color green, since the Samos website is using green as its main color. Personally, I prefer the first logo, which in my opinion looks just awesome combined with a dark background.
“On 31st,March 2018, after rounds of inner discussion with Yann of above matters, fewer progress of discussion had been solved. Time couldnt wait. I decided to leave Yann to make his own choice of how he wish the project can be pushed forward. Meanwhile, all work under SPO is under development.”
Han; Telegram; Samos main channel; 13.04.2018
“The current Samos devs are the same team of SPO, which also led by me. We will be working on Samos solely until any statement will be made from Yann of how he wish to proceed the SPO vision. I personally leave SPO for now, Samos will maintain open relationship with SPO; previous tech developments made under SPO will be released on Samos.”
Han; Telegram; Samos main channel; 13.04.2018
“10th,April, I announced Samos at the Skycoin Shanghai conference giving the fact of no decision had been given from Yann of how he wish to manage SPO and what are the solutions.”
Han; Telegram; Samos main channel; 13.04.2018
“Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, the birthplace of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. This project is named as samos,is a respect for philosophy and math.”
Samos; Official Blog; What does Samos mean?; 22.04.2018
“The Samos protocol will power an ecosystem of truly decentralized, world-changing services. Application Layer: This enables thousands of truly decentralized apps that help businesses to build blockchain based business. Service Layer: On this layer, lots of services such as storage service,encryption service,text filter service,AI service,certificate service can be built and used by businesses. Protocol Layer: The Samos protocol encourages people to develop services and help to promote service.”
Samos; Official Website; What we can build; 22.04.2018