Numbers of Solar Bankers

Numbers of Solar Bankers
From different solar devices, to smart meters, an energy trading app and their own cryptocurrency, Solar Bankers is a multi-faceted project. I wanted to illustrate the project in a poster and therefore broke it down into several quantifiable aspects. Whether it be their number of innovative energy devices, their ambitious pilot projects or percentages showing their competitive advantage, the numbers cover many key areas of Solar Bankers. Concerning the design of the graphic, I chose an approach pairing different bright colors together on a black background, while only elements that belong together were painted in the same color.
I also made a downloadable version of the poster displayed in this article, which you are more than welcome to share or print, to spread the word about Solar Bankers. Download it here:

Solar Bankers in Numbers – Ultra High Quality – Width: 4960 Pixel
Source – 6 innovative energy devices
See my introductory article about Solar Bankers for more details on the six innovative energy devices.
Christian Ott; Official Website; Solar Bankers – Equipping Energy Prosumers; 23.08.2018
Source – 25+ years
“Solar Bankers’ module is tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and has a proven durability of over 25 years;”
Solar Bankers; Official Website; Devices; 23.09.2018
Source – 50% less costs
“50% less expensive – Solar Bankers’ DPV module uses only 25% of the silicon used in standard panels (silicon is the most expensive components in solar modules).”
Solar Bankers; Official Website; Devices; 23.09.2018
Source – 70,000 households
“While the majority of us in the Western developed world live with access to power 24 hours a day, more than half a billion people in Africa live without access to electricity. Now, in an initiative financed by the World Bank, US-based energy firm Solar Bankers is using a Blockchain to power 70,000 Nigerian households. In the sub-Saharan continent of Africa, nearly 600,000 people are without a reliable means of electricity, and more than 55 percent of residents living in outlying rural areas do not have access to an electric grid, according to data compiled by the World Resources Institute.”
Solar Bankers; Official Blog; Solar Bankers, US Blockchain-Based Firm, Powers 70,000 Nigerian Households; 20.07.2018
Source – 600 nodes
600 nodes powered by renewable energy will be shipped in the first batch of hardware distribution. See the section about the solar nodes on the Solar Bankers website for more information.
Christian Ott; 23.09.2018
Source – 46% energy production increase
“The project in Dubai reached an important milestone. The holographic modules will be shipped next week and test will start. In the meanwhile, we tested the azimuthal tracker with standard solar panels. The results were outstanding. Compared to a fixed system, the modules mounted on our tracker produced 46% more energy!”
Solar Bankers; Telegram; Channel: Solar Bankers (SLB); 28.07.2018
Source – 27.5 watts per hour
“the node consumes approximately 5,500 mAh per day, in Wh is ca. 27.5”
Solar Bankers; Telegram; Channel: Solar Bankers (SLB); 19.09.2018